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NY Festive Brunch at VAGA 1 January

Start the new year on a delicious note with VAGA's NY Festive Brunch on Monday, 1 January. Whether you’re looking to keep the New Year’s Eve party going as long as possible or meet up with friends and family, VAGA is the place to be on the first of January. Priced at just AED 299, our brunch includes an array of mouthwatering dishes to help you kick off the year in style.

Indulge in a feast of Armenian and Arabic flavours, and enjoy an extensive selection of dishes that have been designed to cater to every palate. From mouthwatering classics to the innovative culinary creations of VAGA’s chefs, our NY Festive Brunch is designed to satisfy your cravings and set a festive tone for the year ahead. Gather with loved ones and soak up the festive ambiance this New Year’s Day, and enjoy a brunch with the iconic backdrop of the Dubai Marina skyline.

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The Menu


VAGA Beetroot Salad 

Truffle Seabass Carpaccio 

Lobster Kibbeh 

Honey-Glazed Wagyu Short Ribs 



VAGA Khorovats 

Vaga Truffle Manti 



VAGA Burnt Cheesecake with Pistachio Cream (D, E, G, N) 

Mango Carpaccio with Coconut Sorbet (Vn)